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  • Sale! vagina in can3

    Vagina In Can

    ₱800.00 ₱350.00
    vagina in can3

    Vagina In Can

    ₱800.00 ₱350.00

     Feeling hot! Use this hassle free vagina anytime anywhere with complete masturbation system. When the mood strikes just pop the top off and then drive into the softest wettest supple simulated pussy to caress your throbbing manhood.

    • Featuring a large vagina opening, the pussy masturbator is ideal for men who like a flowing labia that’s eager and ready for them. Men can penetrate the vagina and let the inner texture stimulate with every stroke.
    • Made of  soft jelly like material,which is super soft and supple,flexible and odor free. Total Length:12cm.A sample pack of lube is included with each masturbator stroker.
    • The soft mini boobs  has a unique texture to simulate real sex and lets the man get more enjoyment out of masturbation while training his cock to last longer during penetration. The outer cup is durable and simple for your discretion.
    • Masturbator stroker can also be cleaned easily, simply rinse the removable masturbator sleeve with warm water from your sink and allow to dry before storing. Do not use soap to clean it.
    • The Cup Masturbator comes in a discreet case that gives off the impression of being a “coke in can”. All the man has to do is remove the cap and put the cup masturbator to use. It’s an easy to use item that’s able to be stored safely and discreetly after use.

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  • Sale! pleasure big cyber 1

    Clear Jelly Cyber Snatch

    ₱1,000.00 ₱800.00
    pleasure big cyber 1

    Clear Jelly Cyber Snatch

    ₱1,000.00 ₱800.00

    Clear Jelly Cyber Snatch

    Snug ‘n’ Ridge To Drain You Dry Every Time!

    For men who love sliding past tight lips into a wonderland of lifelike vaginal sex sensations! 6″ of jelly material helps grab your boner for a snug, satisfying stroke. Beaded shaft means you’ll never lose your grip. P1,000.00

    • Sculpted in jelly material
    • Soft and Phthalate free
    • Tight inside for incredibly snug stroking
    • 6″ x 2.5″
    • Beaded shaft for better grip
    • Open ended for easy cleaning
    • Ridge design inside to feel like real

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